Digital WkShop produces short and long form films and
documentaries for all media platforms; the web,
mobile devices, DVD, cable and broadcast television. We
do this from our offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico and
Los Angeles.

Principal’s backgrounds in film-making marketing and
broadcast journalism gives us the ability to take a project
from concept to script to production, post production and
special effects –to distribution over a variety of platforms-
from big screen to small.

Over the years the firm has been recognized for excellence nationally and internationally. Digital WkShop has been nominated four times for International Freddy Awards, considered the Oscar of issue-related documentaries. DW won the “Freddy” in 2001 in the Behavioral Health category for its film on domestic violence, “Stolen Childhood”.

In addition Digital WkShop has received awards from
The National Academy of Arts and Sciences (Emmy Awards),
Clio Awards, Vision Awards and National Association of
Broadcaster’s Service to Children Awards.

The firm specializes in compelling personal accounts and
dramatic moving image footage that bring to life personnel and public health issues -- as well as informative and entertaining programs that impact education, literacy, economic development,
mind/body health and integrated approaches to health care.